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Nausea and diagnosis


I was wondering what people thought about this. I have been diagnosed through elimination and adenomyosis showing up on internal scan. My consultant is sure I have endometriosis due to this and bowel tests and blood in faeces around my period etc. She said she does not want to do a lap as it will only confirm what she knows or not show it as the coil has improved my symptoms so much and will put me at risk as eventually I may need more surgery. As my symptoms are better with the coil what do ppl think about this? Or is it worth pushing for excision and going to an endo centre? I also am still concerned as around ovulation I have much worse nausea that it is so hard to eat. I have pretty much chronic nausea also.

Any advice appreciated.

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Heyy Lvb85 :) I to have been diagnosed through elimination and just last month got the mirena inserted. I was told to keep it in for at least 6months and if it helps the symptoms they wont give me a lap, im not to pleased about it though like would it not be better if the coil was working great at reducing the symptoms, to go in for surgery and get it all cleared out?! Start with a clean slate so to speak and with the coil working effectively would it not keep everything at bay for longer? I cannot tell you whether you should push for it or not as I'm debating this for myself but I'm definitely leaning more towards the pushing for it side of things. I know how you're feeling with the nausea, I have lost a bit of weight due to not wanting to eat with it, its got a lot easier to cope with from my doc gave me the anti sickness cyclizine, maybe ask your doc for an anti sickness, see if that helps you out a bit. Good luck deciding chickiee and I hope you get sorted xx


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