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Help ladies

Hi, yesterday I had my zoladex injection and woke this morning to find I can barely walk from my bed to the sofa downstairs! I have morphine which does help with the pain but I'm sick of being stuck in the house on the sofa and hate not being able to go out when I have the energy, with my son and partner. I just wondered what u ladies think of a wheelchair? Not ideal I knw but if I could get out of the house for an hour, It could be worth it. What do u think?

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If you need a wheelchair - you can rent them from agencies that supply them locally - give social services a call for a recommendation - or look in the yellow pages.

They are not easy to be pushed around in for your carer, especially on carpets.

Not all buildings are wheelchair accessible either.

If you do need one to get out and about then it's entirely up to you if you want to hire one.

I would however say that the risk of DVT and constipation etc is greatly increased if you immobilise yourself.

Far better to try and potter about on your own legs as best you can to keep blood circulating and bowels functioning better.

If you pains are from endo, the once the flare stage is passed which shouldbe in 3-4weeks time you'll hve much better idea of whether the pains you re feeling are from endo or something else.

The zoladex takes about 2 weeks to reach the flare stage which is a swamping of hormones boosting everything endo wise - bleeding and pains etc - it won't happen yet. You will know when it does, and that lasts about a week or two, enough to shut down the pituitary gland in the brain which is where the sex hormones are made that tell the ovaries what to do. Once those hormones are shut down - that's when the side effects of the zoldex really kick in, but at the same time without ovarian function the endo goes in to a coma and no longer active or beeding - any pains you still feel will not be hormone related pains.

You may find that your pains ease off considerably - you might also discover that your pains are not from endo but something else - like sciatica or adhesions or neuralgia or any number of other possible causes.

Hopefully it works for you - but if you don't notice any improvement in pain reduction fter the flare stage has passed then you don't need to be on the drug and should quit if the side effects re too much to cope with.


Thank you for your reply. I have had several zoladex injections in the past so I am hopeful that it will b as successful as last tym, fingers crossed anyway. The wheelchair was only really for an absolute must, (I.e a walk or push through the park once a week,) as I have been poorly this tym for about 10 weeks and I'm starting to feel really low, as we all do. I'm just not to keen on the idea of a wheelchair but I really do just need to get out of this house sometimes. Thank u again for all of your advice x


Hi I'm due my second injection next week, have to say I had pains like that too, but it has eased a lot. Still have some pain but not half as bad. Good luck.


Hi I've been having Zoladex injections for three and a half years now with not too many problems, I've been able to cope with them. But my last one in July (I'm having the 10.8mg that lasts 3 months) whoaaaaa it really knocked me sideways. I've never experienced that before. Within a couple of days of my injection my mood changed, it was like a dark cloud was over me. I enjoy cycling so thought it would lift my mood by going out with my husband on a lovely summer day.....wrong! I had a full on tantrum at the top of a beautiful nature reserve quarry, took my cycle helmet off and was about to throw my bike and helmet as far into the quarry as I could :-D all because I was too hot! I only stopped because a lovely lady past us on her bike and she stopped to make polite conversation but I was so rude to her, I just walked away stomping up the hill leaving my husband talking to her. I was so embarrassed a few days later when my Zoladex Cloud lifted but at the time I couldn't have cared less, it was so out of character for me, I love to talk to people, plus it would have been a long walk home had I thrown my bike into the quarry. Sorry this has gone a bit off subject but it makes me chuckle when I think about my Zoladex Tantrum.

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