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Anyone please any information on these?

Peritoneal psuedocysts, para-ovarian cysts, Peritoneal cysts, calcified nodules.

Aside from what I can Google about these, can anyone explain or share if you've had these listed on your post operative reports also?

The specialists never explained them and I'm only coming to the realization now 17 years later that these differ from endometriosis and I have not found much in the forum search about them.

I am worried also about the development of peritoneal cancer.

Some were located on the ovaries along with adhesions and alot found in the pouch of douglas. Along with sites of endometriosis.

These were BTW discovered on my first ever lap then again 2 years later in a second lap and more again in another 2 years after that but not in the 4th a year later.

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