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Referred pain?

Hi all hope you are all feeling ok today. Unfortunately I'm not! I had a diagnosic lap back in July which confirmed minimal endo in various places (still not sure where as they are not very forthcoming). I'm booked in with a private endo specialist in a month for surgary and I'm in such pain at the moment. I'm a weird one as I get a bit of relief a few days after my period starts but this month as soon as things 'dried up' the pain is ridiculous! I know I have endo on ligaments and ovarian fossa? My right ovary area is so painful but the pain seems to start there and then go all the way up to my ribcage throughout the day. By the endo of the day my whole abdomen feels like it's burning / twisting/ being stabbed in various places. Anyway my question is could this be referred pain from the lower pelvis? It's seems to spread as the day goes on! Also could my pain have started so wary after my period as the ovaries are 'firing up' again? Any advice would be great. Thank you x

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