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Advice needed post hysterectomy please x I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, bilateral salpingectomy, bilateral ureterolysis, excision

Of severe rectovaginal endometriosis, my bladder was densely adhered to uterus along with bowel and required dissection. Im day 7 post op and I have horrid dragging sensation when I stand, is that normal? Im very bloated but I expected that my surgeon put in large quantity of adept to try and prevent adhesions. Any experiences gratefully received x

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For weeks I felt like everything was falling down when i got up. i found it helpful to use a tummy support belt for C-section surgery. It gave me that extra bit of support and freed up one hand when walking around, instead of holding my tummy all the time - cost about £12 but you can ask around and borrow one from friends of friends that have had a c-section or hysterectomy.

Mine has been lent out a few times now..... you don't need it for ever but certainly it helps in the first few weeks with extra support when standing, walking and most of all when bearing down on the loo.

I got mine at mothercare - mum bought it for me on recommendation by my sister in law who'd had 2 C-sections.

Mothercare no longer make the belt and now sell firm support knickers instead which are no use for loo trips. But I found a fairly similar one to mine

aliexpress.com/item/Female-... and it's cheaper too.

there's another similar one on amazon


but have a look online because there are all sorts of shapes and designs ...and prices.

Don't spend too much you don't need it for long - probably most useful in the 1st month, but the sensations do calm down and ease off.

Took me just over 4 months to be op pain free and from there I could start relying on using my tummy muscles which were still weak - but I could start to build up tummy strength again.

It was a much longer recovery that I was expecting. i only went in for a lap and to get two cysts removed. Woke up to open surgery,catheter, cysts gone, left ovary and tube gone and adhesions and endo work done all over the place - bowel surface and bladder too.

Driving - took about 2 months before I could get out in the car safely. Driving forward not a problem earlier - but reversing , twisting to see over my shoulder, reaching back for the seat belt - ouch ouch ouch.

The more often you can keep upright and gently moving the easier it gets and the quicker the recovery even though at this stage boy will it hurt getting up and down, and it s certainly more comfy to be lying down. You need plenty of rest too, but a fair mix of rest, and pottering round the house is the best balance.

Bloating is to be expected for some weeks as the internal wounds swell up in reaction to what has been done inside. That's why a thinner support belt under the bloat is useful. The full tummy ones are too big and won't help till the bloat has eased off which it will do in time.

You have had a huge mount of work done inside - all of it struggling to heal, and you body can only work so fast to cope with it all, so it certainly does take long time of care and TLC in the things you try to do.

Even the most basic tasks like going to the loo are a huge trauma at 1st.

if there is room next to the loo - place a sturdy dining room chair or stepladder there to lean on to help you get up and down.

Same next to the bed or settee.

Roll up towel or use a cushion to crush into your tummy when laughing, coughing, farting, indeed any activity that needs extra tummy support. Very hand to roll over the towel when sat on the loo to help with bearing down to shift poop.

Keep hydrated- I know it's not making sense to drink even more when you have bloat - but you must, because fluid is being diverted from the bowel to fill the bloat which makes it more ikely you can end up severely constipated what with the pain killers too.

Do your level best to keep the bowels moving freely it will help a great deal with healing too.

Wishing you speedy recovery. Don't over do things. At least 2 months (8 weeks) off work after an op like that, and see how you feel then - you might need longer and if you do then take longer because overdoing it nd hving setback is counter productive and will delay your recovery even longer.

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Thank you for thorough reply, none of my friends have had a hysterectomy and my hubby doesnt want to discuss the finer details! Will buy support asap. Thanks again x


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