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Tubal for endo?

I am 20 years old and have been diagnosed with endo in june when i underwent a laparoscopy. The drs found a significant amount of endo and said that they had removed it, but i am still in a lot of pain. I have had two periods this month which isn't fun for anyone normally, but its just cruel for someone with endo! I have been looking into a tubal ligation as it is reversible and i would love to have children in the future. Does anyone have any experience with this? did it help at all?. i dont want to get a hysterectomy if possible as i do really want children, but i am finding it too hard being in pain all the time and trying to keep up with life too which still happens in the background, such as work and studying for the degree i am currently working towards. If anyone can help, please do! i would really appreciate it!

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One month of two periods.... I had than from my 2nd period aged 13 till I was 21 .One week on one week off one week on one off.... for years. Then it settled to exactly 28 days cycle for around 10 years after I had a spell on the pill which seemed to regulate things.

Then I had a non-gynae surgery which disrupted the cycle again and it didn't get sorted till the mirena coil stopped my periods in my 40s.

You don't mention any attempts to stop your period cycle which is the normal course of action after an endo surgery, so I am wondering what methods you have tried so far?

A tubal will not stop you having a period, or period pains, or ovulating. It might help with backflow bleeds of period blood which is one possible route of spreading new endo, but so too would stopping your periods and they have the advantage of not giving you monthly cramps and pain and will also to some degree reduce the activity of endo, as whatever you do hormone wise to control the cells in the uterus will also apply to the same cells living outside the uterus as endo.

mirena coil or skyla coil on the other hand does the same job, using plugs of cervical mucus to block the uterus up and hold the coil in place, if causes excess mucus to form, and it also causes the menstrual lining to not grow so much in the weeks after it is fitted which usually means in 4-6 months so little has grown that it stops periods completely and lasts up to 5 years for mirena or 3 years for skyla.

It can be removed at any time should you want to start baby making, and the periods return within a month or two after removal.

In some cases the dose of hormones can actually stop the ovulation process too.

It is the lowest dose of hormones that can stop periods.

Birth control pill packs taken back to back can reduce the number of periods to 3-4 a year instead of 13.

Depo-Provera works much like mirena coil, except it is a 3 monthly injection.

Norethisterone is a 3 day tablet that continues to stop your next period happening till it is convenient to have one - or till you forget to take them religiously or are sick or have the runs and lose the tablets you have swallowed before they can be effective.

Nexplanon is an arm implant working much like mirena - it lasts up to 3 years.

So please if you have not yet tried these various options which are all temporary, to actually stop bleeds then speak to GP about which one you want to try first.

Tubal Ligation does nothing to address the bleeding - it is the bleeding that causes the pains when you have endo.


I totally agree: if you want to have kids in the future - I suggest near future rather than far - I would go for pills or injections to control periods. It worked for me. I also changed the way and what I ate throughout the month to manage pain and included exercise. Good luck


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