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Colonoscopy in a few weeks, what happens during the procedure?

Hi ladies?

Just wondering if someone can explain what happens during a colonoscopy?

I've been referred to the bowel clinic at my local hospital & I had a phonecall from the clinic today. The doctor on the phone told me she was referring me for a colonoscopy as I am bleeding every time I go to the loo & get mucous too. As I have got widespread endo including on my bowels she said that they want to check to see if the endo is actually in my bowel, as well as checks for bowel cancer, crohns disease ect. She said it'll be a 5 week wait but may be sooner as I am on the cancellation list, so I'd just like to basically know exactly what will happen? Thanks xxx

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I have had 2 colon preps. One for a colonoscopy and one for my first lap in case they nicked something. The whole thing is horrid (sorry, not going to lie or sugar coat it). If given the option, always take the pills and powder stuff that you pour in Gatorade over doing the salt water. ALWAYS. I could barely drink the salt water stuff, it burns and it is so horrible tasting (even the lemon lime flavor). ok so what to expect.....

1. Gathering of the supplies: You will need 1 bathroom of your very own. I had 2 other family members home the day I did my cleanse, thankfully they didn't need to pee much that day; otherwise they would have had to use the cat boxes. :D You are to only have liquids or candies that have NO RED OR ORANGE DYES IN THEM. This can give them a false reading when they look for blood in your colon/intestines. You can have broths, tea, maybe coffee, jolly ranchers, water, Gatorade, etc. as long as they are red/orange dye free. In the beginning you think you are going to starve to death. You won't. In fact with all that liquid you are to drink, your tummy will hurt ( I bawled my eyes out with the pain of trying to drink the amount of liquid in that amount of time. So if you cry, it's perfectly ok). Bring things to do while in the potty.......for hours. Bring something to prop your feet on, and perhaps a blanket or a towel to drape over your cold legs. Bring something to keep your mind off all of that pooing (and some pain will be there as well). Buy the best, softest toilet paper you can afford. And also some Vaseline or hemorrhoid cream/wipes. Because Honey, your hiney will be sore! Also, do not think for one second you will be working on the day of the cleanse. Not even if you think you can take the pill part at work, then go home to do the liquid part. You will lose that battle of the wills.

2. The day of the drink. ok, well. this is the horrid part. sorry. :( You will take your pills and then later take the what feels like gallons of liquid. Or if the salt stuff, you just drink it straight from the bottle. You can be slow at first, but there is a time limit, 4 hrs i think? Anyways, you will be hungry and think this is a piece of cake, and that everyone lied when they said it was nothing. Then the pooing kicks in. It is a lot, and you will wonder how much poo can be stored in your body? on the plus side, when you are all finished, go weigh yourself. :D amazing!! You will continue to poo for most of the night sadly. And no more liquids after midnight.

3. The surgery. Honestly mine wasn't bad. I opted for the be knocked out option. I refused to be awake. They gave me Versa or something like that. Whatever Micheal Jackson had that killed him. Yes, my dr. ACTUALLY told me that as he was giving it to me. :P regardless, it puts you in a twilight sleep. I remember lying there, then I asked the nurse when was my test going to be? She said it was already over with. wow!!!! I was fine once I woke up, I didn't have any weird symptoms or problems. And I was STARVING!!!! So on the way home, i got to eat!


Thankyou so much for your reply! Haha I am dreading the bowel prep now- it sounds horrific lol, even though I already suffer from bad bowels that sounds horrid :( The lady on the phone told me that to relax me they can give me entinox (gas & air) or something like pethadine or temazepam. The stuff they gave you sounds like propofol (that was what killed Michael Jackson). I will make sure that I get my own bathroom for the bowel prep definitely- not that anyone else is probably going to want to use it after! X


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