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Hi, I have finally been diagnosed with Endometriosis after many years of the NHS fobbing me off even after I bled onto my pelvic floor and they found the Endometriosis during surgery I was never referred for aftercare, I finally decided to pay private to see a consultant who read my notes and decided the best course of action was to put me onto Zoladex to put my body into a menopausal state I had my first injection in July and he then advised by august I would have no periods. In August I had a light period that lasted for 5 days and then this month I had a light bleed for one day and the next day I had an extremely heavy period with alot of pain, I had been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for around the past month my consultant never examined me before the injection was given, I was then given a tablet to take for 7 days to stop the bleeding, I didnt need to take this as the period stopped, Since that I have had very bad cramping again and my body is sore all over, I am due my next injection in October, can anyone give me some advice on what they think I should do as I cant go on like this. I have also had no energy and for the past 2 days have been vomiting.

thanks so much


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Hi, I've just been given my first injection. Hasn't made much difference too me either, I'm not going to go for anymore as I can't cope with the side effects. Aching as well as the pain the endometriosis causes. My consultant tells me that if it don't work I'll have to have full hysterectomy, which I'm not too sure of as it's all final.


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