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None the wiser

last week I had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with mild endometriosis, and that was all I was told. so as you can imagine I have loads of questions.

the first thing that is on mind is can a symptom of endometriosis include a thick white corse, non smelling discharge which irritates the opening of the vagina making it bleed and feel as if the skin at the opening is thinning ( sorry for the graphicness of this question) and does anyone have any idea on how to alleviate this without having to use tampons ??

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Sounds like a typical case of thrush the description, and absolutely nothing to do with endo.

I would definitely recommend you treating yourself for thrush in the 1st place if you haven't yet done so.

Thrush is a white fungal infection. Treatments are available from all pharmacists - Canestan and other creams and tablets and pessaries are available too. Have a look on their website for their various options.Or visit the Boots website for other brands of thrush treatment. The pharmacist can also be consulted too if you are unsure which option to try first.

Thrush often kicks off after a course of anti-biotics, but can occur at any time. If you have already tried thrush remedies with no success then do see your GP or visit a STD clinic for a swab to be taken to check for other infections like BV. it doesn't have to have been transmitted through sexual contact - but they can swab you and send it off for analysis and prescribe treatments in complete confidence if you don't want to see your GP about this.

Meanwhile use sudocrem nappy rash cream to cover over the sore skin and leave it there reasonable thickly spread (it is quite a thick paste) and prevent the skin from stinging when other liquids like urine and vaginal discharge pass by, if that is what is causing the irritation.

It's about £3 a pot and you can stick it in the 1st aid cupboard for years and use it for all sorts of skin problems. A small pot lasts a long time. It's absolutely great for irritated skin down below, petty much whatever the cause.

sudocrem.co.uk usually solved the pain issue within hours.



Many thanks for the info, I have Had swabs and cultures done at both gp and STD clinic with a negative result. As you can imagine I'm at a loss as I was hoping that the diagnosis last week would empower me to deal with the cycle of pain and symptoms.

Oh we'll back to the drawing board !!!!


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