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19 and diagnosed with endometriosis

Hi iv recently had a laparoscopy and been diagnosed with endometriosis the doctor removed it, its been 3months and im still in the same pain! I have asked my doctors but they dont seem to help! As I haven't seen my specialist yet I haven't been told much about endo just what iv read on the internet I have also been taken prescribed oramorph! Does anybody have any advise?

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Im 18 and have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo earlier this year. I dont think many endo specialist give us much information or many choices either. Ive been given the choice of surgery or no other treatment (they wont even let me have birth control). Try not to feel so alone on this, many other girls are young and most cases ive read about, they dont seem to be given much information either.

Hopefully someone will comment with some answers. Just hope ive made you feel less alone.

Good luck!



I was 18 when I was diagnosed with endo and I remember feeling very much the same as you described in the beginning. It's a complicated condition which you could say is tailored to each individual and so no one womans experience and pain will be the same. I've found over the years some doctors to be excellent and others to not really know where to go with the condition. Don't feel afraid to ask questions and take your own research from the endo uk website to the doctors to show and voice your concerns. I know it can be frustrating but if you are still struggling keep going back until you feel you have been heard. I am still learning new ways to handle the condition and I am now 25 if your not getting much hope from your GP I recently found my local sexual health clinic to be very helpful and they are actually doing more for me regarding my endo than my GP at the moment.......anyway just so you know you are not alone girl and we all understand what your going through. Good luck for the future!

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Hi I was 15 when I was diagnosed I'm not 24 and soon to have my 3rd procedure to remove it this time it'll be scraped out.

I know how you feel but if I were you if you feel you are not being listened to and have little information on it speak to your gp and demand a referral to a gynaecologist or specialist. They will decide best pain relief treatment for you and will give you every bit of information you desire. I was taking oramorph and tramadol, but after admission to hospital recently I had to switch over to stronger ones which is oxynorm and OxyContin xx


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