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Bad skin with endo


After 2 years of unexplained pains and heavy abnormal bleeding I've finally been referred to a gynecologist who is testing me for endo. Nothing is diagnosed as of yet but it seems like the most likely option as my mother has it and all the symptoms are there; even though on my first scan nothing was found. My skin and mood swings have been becoming so much worse recently and no matter what I do go try and help my spots nothing seems to help. It's making me feel very self conscious and I'm spending a fortune on things that aren't making much difference. Does anyone else have the same sort of thing? I'm wondering if there is any connection between the two.


Olivia x

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Hello Olivia,

I have suffered from endo for years but I also have developed rosacea. My doctor has never linked the two but I definitely believe there is a connection.

I'm also going through menopause which isn't helping matters. I'm on my monthly right now and I have a bad flare-up of the rosacea. This is probably because I'm feeling low and my body is fighting.

Even if there is no medical link I think the rosacea is affected by the effects of endo on my body.

It maybe worth asking your doctor about rosacea.

It took me 8/9 years to get a diagnosis - you're right, you know your own body. I had a laparoscopy and they said they couldn't find anything so I just carried on muddling through. But don't! Keep on at your doctor.

I was mis-diagnosed with IBS too. I believe the endo is around my bowel area and this is the reason they couldn't find it and told me it was IBS instead.

A gynaecologist will look around your reproductive organs but if the endo is elsewhere they won't find it, and in my case was dismissed as endo for years.It felt like no one would listen to me.

I'm now going back to my doctor to have my theory investigated and to see if they can finally locate it.

I hope that post menopause will elevate this misery.

Good luck sweetheart! Keep us posted on your results.

Gwen xxxx


Hello Olivia,

I understand completely how you are feeling about your skin, mine is the same and I have found that a lot of the treatments for supressing endo have just made it worse. I now stay clear of progesterone only treatments because of this and I am actually scarred after trying the GnRH injections, however I am lucky that this is on my shoulders- the spots on my face didn’t leave such bad scarring.

There is another thing that I have found and I don’t know if you will be the same; but if I use any oil/ spot control skin care products they actually make my skin worse. It took me ages to realise this but once I did my skin is much better. Yes I still get a blemish now and again but they will only be tiny and will go very quickly.

I actually stripped right back and just used Simple face wash on my face and an exfoliating facial sponge from Boots and a light moisturiser. As for makeup; again don’t go near any oil control products and see if it makes a difference to your skin. I was so surprised to find out that all those years I had been making my own skin worse.



You'll have to bear with me, already tried to write this once, bloody Internet. As far as I know there is no link between acne and endometriosis but there is between acne and PCOS. I'm like you, tried every antibiotic, cream and contraceptive going. The best thing I have ever done is have these beta peels regularly. It's not a chemical peel or anything overly abrasive. At worst if you have really sensitive skin you will be a bit pink for an hour or two. It's brilliant. You can have it done by a dermatologist or very skilled/qualified beautician. There is also the dermaroller. It makes small punctures in your skin to encourage new collagen to heal scarring. It won't get rid of your spots forever but whilst you do it it makes such a huge difference. I haven't had it done since May and I'm still so impressed with my skin. as for mood swings I have no bloody clue. I eat chocolate for that lol xxx


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