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Thrush saga continues - should I buy more treatment?

Started with mild thrush about 10 days ago - it got severe after a couple of days so I went out and bought OTC tablet and cream (Asda own brand). It helped a lot but it hasn't gone so today I spoke to the GP.

She said the tablet and cream should have gotten rid of it so she wants me to have a swab and a smear tomorrow (only had last one two years ago but they insist I need another - I'm absolutely terrified of them as I find speculums excruciating, and I'm in tears just thinking about it).

I asked if there's anything else I should do and she said no - the research I did suggests it's common for OTC stuff not to work and then you need a stronger prescription treatment. Apparently not. A swab could take over a week to come back, I guess I'm just meant to suffer in the meantime. Obviously I'm not able to be intimate with my husband until it clears up either, which is bothering me.

It's not constantly painful, just the occasional bout of pain. The discharge is not as bad, but I still have a constant watery, white discharge which is not normal for me at all (normally I get none).

I'm wondering if I should get another OTC tablet - it helped massively, if just hasn't gone. I know they say on them that you shouldn't take two within six months without consulting a doctor, but I'm desperate. Could it do any harm to take another one? I'm also wondering if the more expensive canesten one might be a bit stronger? I've had that happen before (bought the boots version of Dulcolax once and although the dose is the same, it literally didn't work at all).

Has anyone taken another thrush tablet a week after taking one? Is there any real reason I shouldn't? If it could help, I'm willing to try it, I just don't want to make things worse.

Any advice much appreciated


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Off to the shop shortly, would appreciate any advice on whether it's safe to take another OTC tablet x


Hi cupcake

Sorry to hear about your reocurring thrush I can totally understand your feeling, I've had near enough constant thrush and urine issues for the past 12 months.

My GP asked me to do my own swabs and drop them back into the surgery, and also once the thrush had cleared they asked me to re swab just to check again nothing under lining, but it returned after a clear test but I'm also taking lots of antibotics, I also know your feelings over a smear test too, along with internals.

In answer to your question I've used canesten, tablet more than twice in 6 months prescribed, plus I'm using canesten cream regular. I've also tried the probiotic yoghurt, and allow as much air as possible to that area, no tight fitting clothes, light cotton underwear, and have salt baths. It maybe worth checking with the chemist, and also ring your surgery and ask if your able todo your own swab.

I've also only used the canesten brand (expensive), but I do know that different manufactures drugs have a different effect on people and that just with ibuprofen.

Take care and wish you relief soon.



Thanks for your help. Bugger it - I'm just going to take another one. If it was dangerous to take another, no doubt they'd say so. It does seem like a slightly higher dose could have done it as it's so nearly gone, it's just not quite cleared off yet!

They probably would have let me do my own swabs if it weren't for their insistence that I need another smear - I thought you only needed them every three years but maybe that has changed. I went years without one before my last one, despite having dodgy cells previously, because they scare me so much. The pain is ridiculous and the last one was rather traumatic - they did it while trying to remove a mirena coil where the strings had been cut too short. They spent forty mins with the speculum open and me screaming in pain. Then they referred me to the hospital to have it removed under sedation except they didn't sedate me, and the doctor was so rough that I left feeling like I had been assaulted (still didn't get the coil out, of course). So this should be a walk in the park in comparison :-/

Right now I'm living in thin cotton pyjama bottoms with no underwear so that it can have a chance to breathe!

Sorry you've had so many problems - I had years like that, and I'm desperately hoping this is a one off!


Sorry if this comment is a bit rushed, can't seem to get a free minute these days! Antibiotics can cause thrush I know this for a fact as this is what caused my thrush - I'm sure of it. I would stick ti the prescription as I know a woman who took her pills quicker than prescribed and ended up slightly damaging her kidneys. I was frustrated too because the creams and pills werent working and the only other treatment I could find was proskin candida. This is completely natural and safe and no prescription is needed. Don't be put off by the price - it is a high quality cream that works better than anything else and my thrush has been kept at bay for the past six months. I apply this every other day and will continue to do so. I don't want to go back to the old days of constant itching and discharge and having two wear two pairs of knickers to cope with it.


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