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MRI scan for adenomyosis!

Hi ladies, been for my appointment today with gyne and she is sending me for a MRI scan to look for adenomosis before deciding if i should have a hysterectomy. My question is would they be able to pick adenomosis up on the scan if I've got it and would they be able to pick anything else up like endometriosis or other things which maybe causing me all the pains or do they just look specifically for adenomyosis.

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Depending on the extend of the adenomyosis and/or endometriosis, and the skill of the radiologist reading the MRI results, both conditions may show up on an MRI. Here is an article with a bit about diagnostic options for adenomyosis: hystersisters.com/vb2/artic...

The MRI could also help with looking for fibroids or a cyst--though MRI wouldn't be the first choice for identifying either of those.


Adeno is easier to spot when you are on a period or have just finished one, so if you can time your period to coincide with the scan you greatly improve your chances of it being spotted in the MRI if that is the problem.


Hiya. Adeno can sometimes be seen on MRI to aid diagnosis but at the same time if it is not seen it is not able to be 100% sure that it doesn't exist - so it can be used to positively diagnose but it can't be used to rule it out. Very similarly deep infiltrating endo can be picked on MRI but it is not significantly accurate or reliable to be used as a diagnostic tool as a laparoscopy is the only way of clearly seeing what endo is there. At a lap the surgeon can assess the uterus for other factors that may indicate adeno too - boggy & enlargarged are indicators and your surgeon will be able to check that any fybroids are definately fybroids because sometimes it is mis diagnosed adeno. . Hope this helps x


Hi thank you ladies for replying, I had a lap in April and got diagnosed with endo on my right side but they removed it and was confident they got it all but my symptoms are still the same has before the op that's why she wants me to have a MRI scan, I've also been diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder but she said if I'm going to have a hysterectomy she would repair that at the same time but she said if it's endo she was talking about a course of injections which after reading comments on here in not keen on having.


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