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In need of advice!

I had a lap done earlier this year to remove endo from my ovary and abdomen. My specialist had said to take my birth control packs back to back so I don't menses. Before every time I had my period I would be in the fetal position, and throwing up from the pain. In the last couple of monthes I have had pain near where my surgery was and now on my left side. I'm unsure if it could be back or what I should do. I have an appt for an ultrasound in dec but that was made when I had my follow up. Do I call my doctor or just suck it up...

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Hi Nsommer20,

Sorry to hear your pain is back. My advice is don't suffer in silence, from my experience GPs don't rush things along with regards to endo and the pain that comes along with it. So the sooner you go to your GP the sooner you might get some relief. They could prescribe you some medication to ease the pain before your scan or move the date forward.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

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Did you have endo is that why you had ovary removed??

I had Overy removed last June due to a larger dermatoid cyst. I have been getting increasing pain and am constantly feeling sick and it's horrible just bad heads fatigue ..you name it. But I had investigation lapscopy 3 days ago and they couldn't find anything. Am so lost with what to do cause am in soooo much pain.

What medication have you used in past and what pains problems do you get. Xx


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