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Pain after coming off pill

Hi - I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.... Had a laparoscopy back in February after suddenly getting a sharp constant pain in my right side. doctor told me that my right ovary had gotten stuck in a patch of endo, they freed my ovary and removed all the endo (said it wasn't too bad). Was sore for a couple of months afrer the op (although nothing like before) then started to feel normal again, no pain unless it was that time of the month). Came off the pill back in July to try for a baby. Since my first 'proper' period have been getting pains again in the same area albeit nowhere near as bad as before!!! Feels like period pain but have been getting it since a few days acter my period ended. Been to see my GP - he said it could be the endo has come back or they didn't get it all. He was slightly confused as he said tge pain doesn't follow the typical endo pattern, he wants to see me the end of the wk as shouldve had next period by then.Still waiting for it although been feeling like its away to come for over a week! Tummy feels really full/heavy/bloated and getting cramps. Has anyone had this after stopping the pill (microgynon). Really worried its back or things aren't working as they should be. Thanks

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