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Smear Hell!

Just got back from my first smear since being diagnosed and operative laproscopy for endo. Had my first ever smear 3 years ago and it was very uncomfortable, but OMG today was horrendous and I ended up screaming out at one stage. Luckily the nurse practitioner who did it was lovely and told me before she started that it was going to be very painful. I'd thought id prepared myself by taking some strong painkillers before i went, but they didnt do a thing. Fingers crossed its all fine and I dont need another one for another 3 years.

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Hi there

I posted last week re what you went through its horrible just posted today after a successful smear today hope it gives you a little hope for future smears .I have suffered terrible pain on internals and smears I. Don't know maybe I was just having a good day today .Sorry you went through that as if we don't have enough to deal with Take care


Thanks for the kind words. hopefully it was so bad for me today as its only recently I had my op lap. Glad to hear you had a good experience today


Michelle - i put two links on Mablesky's previous post on this very topic


which is worth reading and knowing about.

Next time -rather than be forced in to an agonising experience. when you get a recall invite,book to see your GP. Refuse to have the smear done without anaesthetics and pain killers.Ask to be referred to the gynae outpatients clinic at your local hospital.

It is your right to not have to endure the pain levels that these wretched tests can cause.

My last one, at the hosp, involved strong pain killers before hand,

and entonox (gas and air) to get me through the procedure itself.

Yes I could still feel it, but it did take the edge off the stinging and ripping feeling inside.

The nurses were super nice and gentle and understanding and QUICK.

And it was a success which is more important.

I am on the recall list for every 6 months for smears these days due to abnormal cells.

but the time it takes for the GP to arrange a referral and for me to get the appointment at hosp takes about 6months, so in reality i am only faffing about with once a year.

It's my choice not to get them more frequently and it would confuse the hospital too.

I hadn't managed a successful smear since my 1st one which was fine.

2nd one left me unable to walk due to pain and I was off work for days.The nurse was a butcher and refused to stop when i screamed at her to stop. She was a witch.

After that all the others which must be at least 10 attempts had all failed due to too much pain.

You can also opt to be knocked out for these procedures too if that would help.

I wanted to try the entonox option first, and while it did hurt, it was a success.

Have to wait for 30 minutes afterwards before they will release you to go home if you are driving ,because of the effects of the entonox can have. So take something to do or read while you wait to be released.

The pain comes from the stretching and tearing the growth of adhesions around the vagina and cervix which is progessive. it is unlikely to be less painful next time. I wish it were possible to reduce the problem over time or with surgery, but any attempts to do that are short term, adhesions always grow again.


Thanks for your reply, good to know for my next recall. Ive had entinox before when I had sphincter of oddi dysfunction and a moped accident, and must say I found it the best pain relief ive ever had. Im very sensitive to pain killers and allergic to tramadol and ibruprofen, so entinox would be a great option for me. Do I need to arrange with my gp once I receive my next letter or is this sometning I need to sort out when I know its near the time?


Wait till you get recalled by the reminder letter, then book to see your GP and explain that you want referring to the hospital to get the smear done with pain relief. They need to then write to the gynae unit on your behalf requesting an appointment and the reasons for it. It's not ahigh priority for them, so you may have a bit of a wait to get the appointment through depending on the hospital.


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