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Why are my internal exams and cervical smear tests still so mind numbly painful

Had a routine cervical smear test done this morning .I,m on zoladex and have been for a while and thought that these procedures would be less painful.

Started off ok and I thought hooray this going to be a breeze then the nurse hit my cervix and oh boy I disappeared up the bed screamed out in pain and dissolved in to tears .The nurse just looked at me as if I was a naughty school girl she couldn't carry on said I was far too anxious about it and suggested I see the dr next week to have it done .

I kept apologising for my outburst but she was having none of it .Im sick of being made to feel like I ,m weird in some way .Has anyone else had this experience and any advice on how to get through the next on e next week.I took a couple of nuerofen just incase .

I am now bleeding and in a fair bit of pain from this morning........

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Mablesky - please have a read of my comments on the previous discussions on this topic


and learn about your absolute right to get painrelief or anaesthetic to get you through these dreadfully painful checks - you are far from alone. I'm in the same boat as you - but we do have rights not to be brutalised.

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Do have a read on the campaign by Debbie Vince and her MP to put an end to this ridiculous circus of denying women their right to anaesthetic and painrelief.


Any of us can report our experiences to Debbie's campaign and she is collecting evidence to support the call for darn sight better care and respect - for all the ladies who do find these checks incredibly painful and yet are treated so abominably. They are campaigning for a change in the way hospitals are rewarding staff and departments financially for neglecting to inform patients of their rights.

I will PM you her email address to write to her and Lyn Brown her MP. Anyone who wants to report any such incident of this type, please let me know and I will PM you the e-mail to use to report it.


Thanks impatient

really had no idea this was a common finding.I can not even this morning believe how traumatised I was after the attempted smear teats yesterday .It keeps going round in my head .and the nurses attitude was incredible I left the surgery like a naughty little girl she really couldn't understand why a simple procedure such as that could cause such a reaction from me and she is right because I couldn't explain which made me feel even worse and stupid.

Aanyway have made an ppointmentbwith doctor next week to discuss but will absolutely not go through this again I am sure of that

Vould you send me the email of Debbie I am just in the right mood to tell her my stories of barbaric behaviour from some health professionals

Thankyou for your support I have really appreciated your thoughts



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