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Endo and PCOS


I have just joined this site. I had a diagnostic laproscopy on Friday that confirmed I have Endo. I was diagnosed with PCOS 12 years ago.

I had many years of limited/non existent periods but have been pleased that they have regulated in the last 2 years. The worse thing is that I now have endo symptons.

I have read lots on the internet with regards to treatments but it would be nice to hear feedback from the girls that have been/going through it.

I am starting a 3 month stint with Zoladex injections as soon as the doctor sorts it and then I'll see my gyny again to review.

Does anyone have any experience with these injections? Did they help? Pros/Cons?

Any info would be gratefully received.

Thank you for reading my post xox

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Hi there. I was given a 6 - 9 month course of Zoladex which actually ended up being 14 injections. It took a few months to settle my periods but then I was period free for the rest of the course and a couple of months after I stopped the injections.

I'm not going to lie, the side effects of Zoladex are awful, it it afterall making you menopausal. Hot flushes were the worst. They will offer you HRT to counteract the Zoladex side effects but the side effects of HRT seemed worse than the Zoladex and it means the Zoladex isnt as effect so try to go as long as you can without. I just about managed my full course without as I kinda got used to how I felt.

Hope this has helped a bit, I don't want to scare you off it. Id do it again in an instant. You cant cure endo but Zoldex helped me for sure.

Good luck x


Thank you for your reply.

I've not been given any information on the 'implants' ( I was advised today that they were implants not injections!)

I am worried to be honest. I've not been given any options just left hospital on friday with discharge slip and told that they will start Zoladex as I have endo.

What happens when I stop the Zoladex? They have not discussed possible ttc...

Not sure this is what I want.

Anymore info would be gratefully received. xox


Hi Lotsi,

Know you posted this a good few months back, but thought I would let you know my experience...

I didn't end up taking any of the medication that was offered/recommended to me after my lap op. I was lucky in that I had a very understanding and thorough GP, who was happy to sit down with me and go through all the pros and cons of taking the meds. My main issue (and the reason for me not taking them) was the potential side-affects for women who have migraines with aura (flashing lights). As I have these on a regular basis (which ironically are caused by my hormones) my GP was a little weary about what this might mean for me in the long-term, as the meds can not only increase their regularity but you are more prone to the risk of stroke. Not something I was willing to consider at the tender age of 34!

My GP was brilliant and certainly gave me the option to try the meds if I really wanted to, but knowing the side-effects and understanding from forums such as these just what a mess they can turn you into, I decided it would be best not to take them. Instead I embarked on changes to my lifestyle; healthier eating, upping my exercise levels, more sleep etc. I was lucky in that after my lap op I was symptom free for 3 years, with periods returning to normal and a reduction in migraine frequency.

The meds are by no means a cure - sadly there isn't one - but I would always recommend arming yourself with as much information as you feel necessary/able before embarking on anything that has the potential to disrupt your life for a significant amount of time. You should never feel pressured to take the meds and neither should you be made to feel you're doing something wrong if you don't take them. After all, it's your body and you should be the one to make the decision about what you put in it...

Hope this helps and I wish you all the very best of luck with your endo and PCOS - they are horrible conditions, but hopefully forums like this help us to realise we're not alone... :o)

L xx



I had 3 months with zoladex. They stopped my period and gave me the pleasant side effects of menopause but apart from that I still have the endo issues.

I tried, whether right or wrong.

I do wish I had an abundance of money to go private and see an Endo specialist.



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