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Can anyone give any advise?

Hi i was diagnosed in 2009, after 2 laposacpys, 2 zoladox injections and a year of work we found out i was 16 weeks pregnant, we were ecstatic. Our son is nearly 5 now and after further treatment with breaks in between to try and conceive the emdometriosis has reared its ugly head again with avengace, i have been practically house bound for 4 weeks and had to return to a + e last week where I was given a bottle of morphine to help manage the pain when the tramadol, paracetamol and ibrufen dont work.

I know I am very lucky to have my son but i really would love more children in the very near future but that is becoming less and less likely. We do not qualify for ivf as we have a son, has anyone got any advise? I am not getting any younger and fear I am running out of options fast.

Also can the emdometriosis grow in the stomach?

Thanks x

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I can understand how difficult and frustrating it must be for you. I'm 37 and have no kids. I tried IVF but had a miscarriage after a few months. I'm currently divorced so My dreams of motherhood seem to be fading fast. I'm really pleased that you have a son. I do know that after surgery to remove the endo (either by excision or ablation) your chances of conceiving are higher. Maybe you can try that. With regards to endo in the stomach, I won't be surprised at all, I've come to realise that endo seems to be able to go anywhere in the body. I've read about endo in the lungs and the brain. It's a nasty little demon!!


I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I have had 2 lapocapys and my consultant wasn't to keep on another but I beleive it is the best chance to, thank u lady Penelope for your advise


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