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I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for just over two months now. I should feel as I'm one of the lucky ones as I don't have much in the way of symptoms. My symptoms are a swollen tummy and backache, which tends to get worse during my period. I'm new to this blog & endo. I have been reading some of the posts on here & my experience of endo is that my doctor thought it might be endo, but when I had two scans to diagnose it I was told it was an ovarian cyst. I had lap, not told much about what stage my endo is. The gp I saw two days after my lap forgot to give me the prescription for the zoladex treatment. I nearly had steam coming out of my ears when I got to the surgery on the day I was SUPPOSED to have the first injection done to find out that because the doctor had forgotten to give me the prescription I had to wait for it to be ordered by the pharmacy. I phoned the surgery to make an appointment to see the nurse for the second dose of zoladex and the receptionist tried to make feel as though I had missed two appointments with the nurse in July when I hadn't. My doctor's surgery held up my repeat prescription for zoladex because they didn't know which pharmacy it was going to. I wouldn't mind but all they had to do was pick up the phone and ring me up to check where it was going but they didn't bother. They left it for a week before I phoned my local pharmacy just down the road from where I live if it was in yet. they said they would find out from the surgery where the prescription was which was still at the surgery.

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