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Pain with Endometriosis

Hi everybody,

This is my first post, i have had 2 laps in the past and am due to have another one in due course however the pain that i am going through as you all will know with endo is horrendous specially as i have a cyst on my ovary and because i have extensive adhesions i was wondering does anybody have any tips or advice on how i can relieve the pain i cant have a full bleed as the pain is that bad i have to start taking norethisterone to stop the bleeding after two days?? help :(

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Norethistone should be taken just after ovulation and continued 3 tablets a day and you will not have a period at all, unless you accidentally forget to take a tablet for more than 12 hours or you are sick or have an upset tummy and the pill isn't in your body long enough to be effective.

If you are due a surgery on the cyst soon and find having a period is too painful then keep on the norethisterone as long as you can up to operation time and try to prevent a period happening at all.

Also with a constant pain from a cyst, the best option is to keep on top of pain killers don't let them run out and the pain return before topping up. Mix pain killers like naproxen, diclofenac, paracetamol, ibuprofen, if you are likely to need more than the max daily recommended dose of any one sort.

Use the stronger strength ones to ensure you get a good nights sleep, and for the start of the day. then use the over the counter ones to top up if you feel pain returning before the next stronger painkiller dose is due. Yes they probably will zonk you out, but the persistant pain of a cyst grinds you down too and it is much better to have something to take the edge off the pain even if that does mean you are more drowsy.

A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and placed over your tummy can help with pain relief too. Not too hot though as you don't want to cook the capilliaries in the skin.

... and pray that you get a surgery date asap. Let the hospital know that you would be willing to take a short notice standby operation if a slot becomes available sooner that the one you are scheduled to have.

Patients have to postpone and cancel quite often for all sorts of reasons and if you are flexible then you can sometimes get a quicker op appointment by letting your gynae surgeon's secretary know that you are happy to standby for an earlier date if one becomes available. not everyone can be flexible if they have kids and pets to be taken care of etc. and need a fairly firm operation date. Best of Luck.

I found diclofenac and paracetamol my best friends with a leaking cyst. took the edge off even if it didn't completely kill all the pain I was feeling.



My doctor only prescribed me the norothisterone as the bleeding was that bad i had tried near enough all of the contraceptive pills which were doing nothing so this was a last resort she told me to take them (3 times daily) for 28 days then stop to have a bleed i have been prescribed narproxin which takes the edge off but i've asked for codeine now cause its getting unbearable i cant take too many because of my work which i try not to do so much.

Thank you for replying il try the ideas you recommended and hope that they work :)


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