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What's happening :(

Hey everyone,

Just a background story, I've suffered with endometriosis for the last 8 years and I recently had surgery last October. Although the surgeon said there wasn't a lot, I am worried that the tissue may be coming back with a vengeance. I had the mirena coil fitted in March but the pain has been worse, neausea is all the time and I keep getting miagraines. But I've woke up today and my whole pelvic area and insides feel extremely swollen and I can feel a lot of pressure as if I need to push or something to relieve the pain. Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice please? I'm scared and can barely move.

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I had the exact same when I had the coil I went and had it removed and the pressure has been taken away. Ive been put on prostap injections which switch your ovaries and that off. It does help with the pain I find x


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