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Hi I was hoping to get some advice,

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in July this year. Me and my fiance desperately want to start a family and have been trying for nearly 2 years (no luck) this month however I'm a week late but I have a really painful back and pain on my right side and have for a week. There all my usual period pains but no period? Does or has anyone else has this problem before?

Thanks :-),

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Hi Katie, have you done a pregnancy test? I had something similar at the beginning of the year, I completely missed my period but did get symptoms for a week at the time it should have come. It was my first months ttc so I thought I we manged to get pregnant first time round! Unfortunately that was not the case for me but you never know. I would advise to take a test and at least you will know for sure. Best of luck xxx


Do a test and be wary of eptopic pregnancy. Damaged tubes can be a common cause of this. So some endo sufferers could be at risk of this.


Good luck with TTC! My husband and I are also trying with no luck so far :-(


Hi I was getting this all the time I was desperate for a baby so everytime this happened me and my partner got our hopes n everytime I was heart broken i missed periods for a few months I suffer with morning sickness with my endo but doctor just told me these can all be symptoms of endo which I found hard to cope with as consultant told me I was unlikely to b able to have children it's very cruel and hard to cope with. Get yaself checked over make sure everything is ok if u r not pregnant I would suggest u get a referral to fertility clinic thats what u was told to do some times we just need a little help good luck xx


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