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First lap tomorrow, but feeling ill today - worried they will cancel :(

Feel like I've waited forever for the date and now I'm feeling under the weather and I'm so scared I'll be too ill to have it :( has anyone had any illness and still had the lap?

Today I'm feeling extra aches, like flu aches but it could be that I've just finished my period. However after dinner last night by boyfriend has woken with a bad stomach and has been sick a couple of times. I am feeling off but haven't been sick or been to the toilet. Imagine if I end up with food poisoning right before?! :(

I just need it done, my urinary problems have been ten times worse this period too. I experienced discomfort within 5 minutes of having an alcoholic drink this week. It felt like UTI discomfort. I get it in the mornings often but this is the first time after drinking. Has anyone experienced that? Bladder problems are one of my worst symptoms so I would t be surprised if I had IC too.

Also any advice for tomorrow for prep would be great too. Found out I can't have anyone wait with me, I'm so anxious now :(

Faye x

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Hi I hope u are well for lap tomorrow when someone gets a bug u always think u feel ruff try not to think about it. Unless u felt major ill don't say anything. I have been suffering for two years now since having my son finally they think it's endo I have a lap on the 26th to find out. But also since having my son I have been suffering with inconteniance which I have been told I will need an op for that as well. But I think it could be endo in my bladder and not damage from child birth. I need to wee a lot and often feel a pressure on bladder and ache on bladder after weeing. I have to wear I liner all the time. I feel like the docs are not listening. What symptons do u have xxx


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