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Advice needed

Hello guys, im leila

I was told I had endo last week and that my left ovary is stuck to me... from the things ive read about it says you can struggle to have children.. ive also been tested because I had a lot of miscarriages which has been very hard to deal with... The doctors first find was that I had a heart shaped womb.. the next was my cromasomes in balance.. and I also have polcystick ovarys as well as my endometriosis.. all 4 say that It hard to get pregnant. Im just wondering of anyone has any advice o what to do next and help me to think straight as im vwry worried about it all

Thank you x

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There is always a surgery to clean the endometriosis out. Also there is a shot called lupron depot that will help tremendously. Ask your doctor about them both. Along with there is invetro that you can do or adoption. I am 18 and recently told I have endometriosis and have cyst. My uterus is over my left ovary to the point you can't see it and causes my a great deal of pain. But my doctor told me I still could get pregnant after surgery. So don't lose hope!

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I'm am so sorry for your losses, such heartache an pain to go through.

I'm 32. I found out 11 years an pd was told I wouldn't have children. I had the pill but it didn't agree with me so we tried zoladex for 6 months, I felt good on it, brough I a mini menapause but it helped my pain and give me the ability to live normal as can for 6 months. In this time I went swimming with dolphins a dream come true. A year later my partner and myself were tested and I've course it was my fault. I couldn't give him a child. Went on the list for ivf, had a miscarriage but 3 months later I caught again with my miracle boy.

I then had the coil fitted for pain but it just made things worse and my moods were horrid. Had to have it taken out after 6 an half months, it had dropped and caused so much pain and bleeding. Decided to go back on the zoladex had one does then my doctor offered me the 3 months in one shot, omg it was the worst thing ever. I fell pregnant with my miracle girl just when I was due my fourth shot of zoladex.

I have been suffering for 3 years now. My bowel has become one with my ovaries, I have endo everywhere, u name it it's there. Bladder also deep in my womb so andeo. Yuch

I hate this disease. I'm now on last resort and may not get relief but I have to do something. I'm having hysterectomy in 2 weeks with bowel surgeon to get at the adhesions and endo around bowels.

Time for some research and finding out what works best for you. Take care of you, sending hugs your way xx

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