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Waiting for confirmation

Hi all,

I found a lump on my section scar in 2012 and was told that it was just scar tissue however it grew and became painful, I was scanned and seen a gyne in March this year who stated that I had endometriosis. I now have to wait for a larcoscopy in November this year and they have put me on the pill.

I am so glad as I was going back and forth the GP with heavy painful periods, back pain (which I was told was kidney infections and was given 3 lots of antibiotics) and really painful sex (which I was told one one occasion that I needed to see a counsellor about!).

When I was examined in March I was told that my womb was stuck and that this usually moves, that I had endometriosis in my right ovary behind and in front of my womb. They are planning on placing the Mirena in me in November.....has this helped anyone? Im sick of constant back pain and painful sex : (

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Surgery to remove existing endo, cutting back adhesions and freeing up organs, and a mirena coil installed during the op and i'm just about endo pain free these days. So yes Mirena made a huge difference to me, not least because it stopped my periods completely - I don't even get spotting, and stopped ovultion and PMT too.

It is not an instant fix, it tkes 4-6 months for the mirena to work to the point where it hs thinned the lining of the womb to such an extent that periods stop, and that 'settling in' time can be a tie of erratic bleeds and twinges and cramps of pains (not as bad as a period pain though), nd when it is working I don't even know it is in me, can't feel it at all, nd just hve the benefits of being liberated from periods and endo pains each month.

I definitely highly recommend Mirena from my own experience with it. It's the best thing I tried.


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