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Help! Do I go to A&E?

I woke up this morning and went to have a wee. When I got back in bed I got this agonising pain all across the lower part of my stomach. I have taken co-codamol and amitriptyline but the pain is still there. It hurts if I cough, yawn or sneeze. It's very tender to touch and I can't lift my legs as it's killing me. I don't like a fuss and don't want to go to A&E if I can avoid it but I'm scared, I have endometriosis but this unlike endo pain I have experienced before. I also have 2 cysts, one of which they believe to be infected.

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If you're in the UK then call the emergency NHS 24 number on 111 - it's free from landlines and mobiles - they can speak to a doctor for you and advise you. SM x



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