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What to do after lap?

Hi all,

I'm due to have a lap done next week and have seen a few comments on here about coming off the pill for a few months after the lap, does anyone have any advise about this?

Also I am actually due to take my weeks break next week, is it just best for me to stay on my pill while I have the operation as don't really want to be on my period while they are digging around down there??

Thanks xxxx

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It is best to be off the pill or other hormonal treatments before a lap.If you can beari t it is actually best to be on your period as when they do the lap they can more clearly see any bleeding endo.I have had 2 laps which were done immediately after coming off long term pill and grnh agonists which had successfully treated my pain and stopped periods.The result was they saw no active endo and I was told they only saw old endo,so they did not do any excision on my 2nd and 3rd laps.I have no idea why they put ladies on treatment before a lap,and reckon this is why a lot of endo is missed.Many gynae surgeons are trained to recognise active endo but not old and inactive endo.There was a very good post on here about the different types/appearances of endo but due to the new format I cant remember where it was or what topic it was posted under!

The doctors are quite used to blood and bodily fluids,so will not be phased and indeed this may be much better for you.

Have just re read your post - after the lap you are definitely best to re start the pill and preferably use it back to back for 3 months,so you don't bleed again and allow any endo to regrow.Progesterone only pills or depo provera or mirena coil( you can ask to have this inserted if they see endo) seem to be the best and less harmful compared to other more aggressive treatments to stop periods( eg Gnrh agonists).

Hope this helps and good luck with your lap.

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Thank you for your reply it's helped so much


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