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Why do I have Abnormal menstrual bleeding?

I'm sorry if this is a weird or dumb question but I'm very confused.

My period was supposed to come on June 28th. On July 1st, I discovered a small amount of blood when I used the restroom. I did not get a normal flow period though. For the past several days, I have only had blood on toilet paper after using the restroom. It is dark brown and has blood clots like mucus. When looking into it, everything that comes up leads to pregnancy. But I have not had any sort of sex since January. I have also been having PMS for two weeks now.

Does anybody know what this is? Should I see my doctor? I'm beginning to be very concerned.

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Darkbrown and mucus is NOT pregnancy. it simply old menstrual tissue from your previous period that didn't have enough lubrication to totally slide out of you and when your cervix starts to produce a bit more mucus, you'll find that that s enough to help that sticky old menstrual lining to finally come out. Totally normal, nothing wrong - can happen to any woman at any time in her cycle, at any age, but tends to get more frequent as you get older.

Everyone has erratic periods from time to time, late or missed periods. Even when you normally have a clockwork schedule. Stress, medication, illness, diet, all sorts of things can impact on your hormone levels and mess up a cycle for a short time.

If your cycle remains out of whack for too long and becomes a nuisance then have a word with your GP who can prescribe you BC pills for a few months which may get the cycle back in to some regular order, but that won't have any impact on the brown sludge. It is just old period (minus the oxygen which makes it bright red when it is a fresh bleed).

Please don't worry- I know it looks gross but we all get it from time to time and can get it more and more as we get older.


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