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Had a lap to remove endo 3 weeks ago

Hey guys.. Sorry don't know who to speak to about this.. I had my lap 3 weeks ago today and tonight I have been in horrible pain.. Normally the kind of pain that puts me in hospital as I was always there before I had my op... My question is if iv had it removed and I'm back in pain surely that means it's not endometriosis in the first place that I'm suffering with?? I'm running out of ideas but when I was on zolodex that helped a lot :S I'm gunna ring my doctors tomorrow and see what's going on but any ideas ladies??? Xx

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Call the gynae ward - telephone number should be on your discharge form. You could have developed an infection innside and urgently be needing to start antibiotics.

It could be that you have over done it in the last day or too and put a big strain on some internal stitching.

or if you had laser work to burn away all the endo patches, remember those are burn wounds are exactly on the same locations you previously had endo... so will feel the same kind of pains as they trigger the same sensitive nerve endings as the endo will have done while they are swollen and healing.

Internal burns are much the same as an external one is like, severe sunburn and it does take many weeks to get through the whole process of healing inside, shedding burnt tissue, intense itchy phases that you cannot scratch and eventually the fresh tissue grows (hopefully endo free this time) and the whole process of healing can take up to two years altogether. You won't notice the post op pains and discomfort all that time necessarily by any means. Most ladies feel a darn sight better by the end of the 2nd month or so after an op.

So you have a combination of factors that could be behind the pains. Some you can do something about- like infection, and some you cannot, other than to take pain killers as and when required.

It's very hard to determine what has caused the pain from your description, but I wouldn't hang about waiting till morning to see the GP if it is an intense pain that is beyond the over the counter pain killers. Call the ward and ask to speak to the staff nurse on duty..there should be some one there round the clock as gynae wards admit ladies with miscarriages and all sorts right thru the night. See if in their opinion you need to get back to them, or go to A&E or wait to see your GP.

Very best of luck. sincerely hope it isn't an infection, and you just ovr done things and will be feeling a lot better tomorrow.


I've been in the same situation a few times. In the past year I have had 4 laps and within a week or two after I'm back in hospital in pain! It's an endless circle. There can be Endo there still as they are unable to see some spots of it which really is an annoying thing! Ringing your doctors will probably be the best thing x


I am 3 weeks post lap too and I am also in pain. I saw my GP who was happy my pelvis was soft and not too tender, I had a normal temp and normal pulse rate. I was passing regular bowel movements and urine. My urine was tested and that was negative for any water infections. So he said it was post op inflammation and told me to take anti inflammatories. I think pain at this stage can be normal but seeing the GP just gave me peace of mind. Hope you feel better soon.


Thankyou so much for your advice ladies!! I couldn't sleep at all last night, I think I got an hour or so with my bum sticking in the air (comfiest position when I'm in pain) I'm gunna phone my doctors as soon as they are open and get an emergency appointment because I'm still in a lot of pain now.. The spasms have eased off a bit but not enough for me to go to work... I'm absolutely gutted, me and my partner thought this was it :( xxx


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