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Really worried and anxious and wondered if anyone had any advice re on-going pelvic pain from Endo :(

Was diagnosed 10 years ago after having a large chocolate cyst and half my right ovary removed. No problems at all for 10 years (on combined pill back to back with some breaks) - but eight months ago my GP advised a swap to to the mini pill due to a stress related visual disturbance at work. Cycle came back and had lots of cramps on lower right side where I had my operation previously. Not bad enough to take time off work or, but I was worried about it. So eventually the Dr said I could go back on combined pill. Have put three packets together now, no bleeding but still the cramping pain on right, no worse and not there all the time, but very anxious about it. Can't think what is causing this pain as cycle suppressed and going to GP tomorrow, but they don't seem to know very much about it :( :( Any advice at all would be very much appreciated. xxxx

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