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Anyone know how long mrsa swabs are taken before an op? Trying to work out the date for my total hyst had pre- ass & swabs done last Thurs?


When I had a telephone appointment with my consultant ( I live 50 mile away from hospital ) end of May I told him that I was now ready for a hysterectomy - I asked if he could put me on the waiting list- he agreed and wanted to see me face to face to discuss what bits he's going to remove - I saw him last Thursday and whilst I was at hospital they did pre assess weight height questionnaires and also the mrsa swabs. I said I had an appointment through mid July for bone density can and consultant said I should go as normal to that. But I was on the diary - this leads me to think my op could be in Aug ? Just wondered if the swabs they took mean I have to be admitted by a certain time? Any one know ?

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Hi, I was told at preop they need 5 days for results. But when came to mrsa, they said as not taken within a year they would have to take again. So i'm presuming it can be a while. I was going to have preop in Feb (op was 6th june), however they had shut. They did say they like at least a week or two for results so weren't impressed they'd not called me in sooner. (however I had to have bloods redone as not had done for 3mths). Sorry for the ramble but I hope it makes sense x



I used to work in a hospital where we took MRSA swabs before surgeries.

The most recent results must normally be within 6 months of the planned surgery date.

You can arrange to have the swab done by your GP - just make sure that the results are sent through to your consultant. The best way to do this is to get the fax number of your consultant's secretary/department and ask your GP to fax the results through. Please phone your consultant's department a few days before your appointment to make sure the results have been faxed through however - it's a nightmare when the GP forgets to tell the secretary to do this and your surgery is delayed because of it.

Hope this helps.

All the best.


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