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Just wondered if anyone knew why a number (at least 3 that come to mind) of the better places to get treated in the UK are not on the bsge list. As far as I can see they meet the criteria. We're not supposed to go into masses of detail about specific consultants here - but as an example, why isn't Guildford on the list. Is there some 'political' reason? It's odd.

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I know that they have to have to treat a minimum of 12 cases of rectovaginal endo annually in order to become accredited & to maintain this accreditation so this may be a reason why. I assume it's to keep quality standards up & to encourage surgeon's to not just get more experienced but also to maintain that level of experience although the experts suggest themselves that a minimum of 12 rectovaginal cases isn't actually that many for the whole year & that's per centre which may have more than 1 surgeon so each surgeon wouldn't even be expected to do that many personally. Politically it may be that the priorities of the hospital trust & geographical area may not be in becoming an accredited centre - maybe the hospital have different areas of specialism ??


There must be something else I think. Guildford would do way more than 12 rectovaginal cases per year. Also, the surgeons there are heavily involved in MATTU which is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for minimal access surgery - including gynae. And of course if you have severe endo you need similarly experienced bowel and urinary surgeons etc. They run training courses that people attend from all over the UK and beyond. I would suspect that at least some of those at the listed endo centres might have attended some training there. It's strange. I might ring them and find out. As you say, there might be a reason that the trust are not interested in becoming a centre of excellence on paper.


Hi, my endo consultant is known as a centre and does research procedures etc. However he is not included on the 12, he is however on the "provisional endo specialist centre". It then explains they are being reviewed. So whether like Petunias has said they have to have certain criteria or research types. (if google north staffs bsge that will bring it up)


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