1st BSGE appointment cancelled!! Arrrrggghhh!

So I was gearing up towards next week, my first BSGE appointment! After I had been treated so badly by the other gynaes I saw privately, I actually had high hopes for this. So this morning I recieved 3 letters, one saying appointment cancelled, the second telling me why and the third giving me a new date of the 3rd August!

If I speak with my GP, do you think she can speed things up?

It doesn't help I gave the period from hell and I feel as though I'm having labour contractions!!!!

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  • I don't think your GP can do anything, but you can call the consultant's secretary and see if she can do something for you. Maybe ask if she will call you if there is a cancellation and a spot opens up.

  • I don't have his secretary's number! But I will find out and drive her nuts! I'm in so much pain right now, I can barely walk, I've already waited so long to see the BSGE centre!

  • I'm so sorry to hear this!

    Did you get to speak to your GP or the secretary?

    My first appointment was moved too so don't give up.

  • I decided to wait it out. I had a cystoscope on Wednesday and thought it might be better to go when I had the results.

  • I have found the waiting times at BSGE Centres are longer than regular gynecologists.

    The 3rd isn't too far away. Could you go to your GP and get something for the cramping while you wait for your BSGE appointment?

  • Unfortunately, I cannot take much. So I'm stuck with co codamol and buscopan! Not that either does much. I just had a cystoscope as well. Back to the gp's Monday and only a few weeks to go till the gynae appointment

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