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I've got grade 4 endo which has resulted in me having to have IVF in order to conceive. I'm just waiting for my third NHS cycle to begin but right now I'm really struggling to stay positive. I'm going out of my mind with fear, I'm so scared but don't feel like I can tell anyone as I'm obviously meant to be staying positive but it's so hard.

I just feel so helpless. It just seems that everything I do to improve our chances have no impact on the end result, I feel like I'm letting everyone down, especially my husband who would make a great dad.



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Have you seen/been spoken to about trying endometrial scratching?

Might be worth a read/discussion with your consultant to see if you could try it- works for some and not others...good luck x



I have stage 4 and I'm on my 3rd ivf now too, I'm 34 days into Down regging today, using donor eggs this time too

I had the scratch not sure if it will help or not but worth a try

Good luck! X


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