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I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis yesterday after the hospital carried out key hole surgery. Mum had it aswell, need advice :(

Mum had hysterectomy and so did my Nanna. I really want children and I am worrying about conceiving. I am 21 years old, healthy etccccc The doctors found 3 lots of endometriosis whilst carrying out my surgery. My mum has told me not to worry and to take everyday as it comes and there is no reason why I should be able to conceive. They have found mine early so does this help?

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Hi there. Hope your recovery is going well after your Laproscopy.

Do you know if they did the dye test as well whilst you were under? If so did they tell you anything? This would show if any problems with your tubes which can be a huge factor when ttc. Many women with endo manage to conceive just as much as a lady without endo. Others struggle and others have problems due to the endo (such as blocked tubes etc) which affect fertility.

It is good that you have been diagnosed early so you know what going on and what your options are.

I am glad you have people around you who understand how you feel and what you are going through. This is a mssive help when dealing with it everyday.


Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. You are really young and you are definitely at an advantage for knowing now rather than later.

If you are in a committed relationship and want children then you need to consider this with your partner. Even without endometriosis, fertility declines with time. It may be a good time to reflect on what you place importance on in life.

If you have not yet met "mr right" then at least you can go on to suppressive medications to give you time. Remember that there is no rhythm or rhyme to endometriosis. Some women have it removed and it never reoccurs. Some women have minimal stages and it doesn't progress. You could be one of the lucky ones.

Take your time to come to terms with the diagnosis and don't feel pressured to launch into treatment until you feel ready to make decisions.

As you said, your mum had it and you are here! Hold on to that.

Hope the recovery goes well x


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