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Really wondering what is next?

Hi everyone. Been diagnosed with stage 4 endo, also on the bowel and the uterus wall. Been put on Zoladex injections and HRT until October as consultant didn't really want to operate until the time came if and when i want children as im only 22. I was just wondering as i know you can only be on the injections for 6 months, what the next step islikely to be, as i have been trying to think, but i dont know enough about the management yet. Also i have not had anyof the endo removed yet.


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Hiya. To be honest there's no reason a suitably skilled endo specialist wouldn't be able to excise the endo...are you under a specialist from the BSGE website or a normal gynae?


Hi, Just a normal NHS Gynae.


The BSGE website has a list of accredited endo specialist centres bsge.org.uk it might be worth looking into the benefits of excision surgery with a skilled surgeon who has experience of dealing with bowel endo. My surgeon is in Manchester if that helps you at all.


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