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Sciatic Pain and Endometriosis


New here and hoping to share my experience and know if it is common. I had a laparoscopy in Feb 2011 as I was having pain in my left side. Diagnosis of 'black?' cysts (polycystic?) on ovaries and some endomoetriosis, the endo was removed as far as possible with the understanding that it would probably come back. Well come back it has I think, I started to have twinging pains in left buttock and down left leg to knee that seemed to be mainly cyclic but are now pretty much all the time and it is starting to get me down and play on my mind. I lost my mum in January to endometrial cancer, I try not to dwell on there being any hereditary connection but it is hard not to imagine there is. The pain is sciatic in nature as I had the same pain when I was pregnant in 1995 with mny first child. I am 46 and would appreciate hearing if anyone else has the same type of endo or any other pearls of wisdom. Thank you.

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Hi. So sorry to hear about your mum, I can understand how difficult it must be to not assume connections.

My endo pain is also predominantly sciatic, like you cyclical to start with then progressed to constant. It's under control at the moment with Prostap injections for the short term.

Has your gynae suggested any further treatment?

DM x

After my first lap they told me to go back when it came back, so that's what I am going to do, I am going to ask or a hysterectomy, I want to have less pain and less worry about the future.

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