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Docs requesting appointment following lap

Hi there,

I had my second lap on 2nd April, the consultant came to talk to me when I was coming round and said they found and treated severe endo which was also stated on my discharge letter. Since then I have had a request for a follow up at the gynae clinic at the hospital in July, which all seems normal and similar to what I did first time round. However yesterday I had a call from my GP saying they had a letter from the hospital, and I need to book an appt with the doctor to discuss what it said. Annoyingly it doesn't appear as Im going to get a copy of this letter before my appointment, and the earliest appt I could get is next Wednesday! I just wondered if anyone might know what this might be for - I'm a bit worried it might be to do with tests they did on what they removed. Cant think of anything they would tell me that couldn't wait until my follow up in July? Confused!

Kate xx

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I would call the gp back and explain your worried sick and it's your right to know what it's about they can't refuse. X


That is odd. I agree with yazza, it is probably a good idea to call your gp back and tell him you are worried and want to know more x


The GP can do a phone appointment with you if they really don't have any appointments left - make sure you push this, you cant wait that long x


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