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I have my first Gyne appoinment soon, does anyone have any suggestions on how I get them to give a lap?

I have been told that I probably have endo by my doctor but I am unlikely to get a laroposcopy because my symptoms are being managed (I'm on the mini pill which has stopped my periods completely) and I have not been trying to conceive for more than a year. Since finding this out I now want to come off my pill and get on with trying for a baby (I was told to "get on with it" as I'm 33 and this could effect my chances) so don't want to wait for over a year for them to have a look inside as I know the moment I come off my pill the symptoms will come back.

Does anyone have any advice on how I approach the appointment?

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I'm in a similar position to you too. I'm 25 and had a baby when I was 18. I've been on cerazette (progesterone only pill) since 2011 but started having bad pelvic pain in April this year. Ended up at a&e and saw emergency gynaecologist who unofficially diagnosed endometriosis. I've had an ultrasound which came back clear and I'm seeing the consultant on Friday to discuss what to to do next, which I'm hoping will be to do a laparoscopy so I can get an official diagnosis. I'm a bit concerned that he may not do it because we're not trying to conceive and already have a daughter. But I'm hoping he will as the pain is no longer being managed by cerazette for me anymore. I'm still a bit new to all this but my suggestion would be is to go in and be honest. Tell the gyny what you've told us and see what he/she thinks. It's probably at their discretion as to whether they feel a lap is nessesary or not. My guess for you is that they may not find a lap nessesary as your symptoms are being managed for now. I don't think they do surgery when it can be avoided. I feel your frustration though and I wish you all the best for your appointment! X


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