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Odd abdominal feeling, has anyone else had this?

This may be a bit TMI so I apologise, but has anyone abruptly started bleeding halfway through intercourse, even though you're not due on your period and are on the pill? I had this and then afterwards it felt, and the only way I can describe it was as if my abdomen was filling with blood or something similar. I know it wasn't bloating or anything like that as I know what that feels like, and this was weird. I didn't bleed for long but the odd feeling in my stomach continued for about 24 hours. Has anyone had this and do I have reason to be concerned? What should I do if it happens again?

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I experienced this for 18 months before I mentioned it to my GP, I was in my early 20's and a bit embarrassed about it. Sometimes the blood flow was very heavy and happened throughout the month. What I had was a cervical ectropion. Forgive me if I don’t have this completely correct (it was over 10 years ago) but as I understand it cells from inside the uterus spread onto the cervix so when you have sex the delicate cells fall away and bleed. This was diagnosed by a gynaecologist and treated with a cryocautery procedure which is freezing of the cells that shouldn’t be there. An outpatients procedure which was uncomfortable rather than painful. I was told this is common with women who go on the pill at an early age (which I did at 15 due to heavy and painful periods). It’s something to do with how the cervix grows. When I was diagnosed with endometriosis I asked if the cervical ectropion was related but apparently it’s not. After I had my cryocautery I never had the problem again.

Hope you can get this sorted out x


I have the same thing in terms of the bleeding. I also have a cervical erosion (different name for cervical ectropian). I was put on the pill aged 11 and was also later told that it is common to have an erosion if you have been on the bcp or have a hormonal imbalance. It can be seen during internal examination/smear tests. I bleed during sex, smear tests, examinations, trans vaginal ultrasounds and sometimes when I poop - the pressure of going to the toilet I think makes the cells bleed.

I don't have the feeling of blood filling my pelvis though.


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