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Endo after a diagnostic lap; what next

Hi Everyone,

Am glad to find this forum. Mine has been a long painful journey. But finally last year, I passed out after having severe pelvic pain and was rushed to hospital. After a few days in hospital n several test &scans my consultant said there was nothing wrong with me!

But then I insisted they book me for a transvaginal scan, I finally got one in feb, and whilst waiting for it, a lady approached me asked me if I would be willing to take part in Endo research. ( I always refuse to do any research normally) but my immediate instinct just said yes. So long story short I went in, booked as having lap diagnostic. I had it on wed and today received a letter from my consultant telling me they have found that I have endometriosis and should go to my GP to get injections called Zoladex.

I have read and read the letter and decided to google, and lucky for me I ended up with this forum. Where do I go from here?

Thank you all very much, all your comments are appreciated.


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