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Maybe there is a little hope after all!! :)

Hi all :)

Good news!!

I got a letter from my original pain management team and I quote:

"the pain is by no means 'all in her head' and adequate treatment should be provided"

Finally!! I might actually be taken seriously by my gp!!

I saw an endo specialist a while back and he is going to do a laparoscopy to see what's happening.

I also had my ca-125 bloods taken but have had no results yet.

I had an internal scan which showed that my womb lining is very thin at 6mm.

(I had a 6month course of zoladex which ended over 6months ago and things haven't gone back to normal)

Has anyone else had this? Does this mean I've gone through menopause for real? :(

Also my right ovary was slightly enlarged? Not sure why.

My pain is on the right side so that would make sense I guess!

Anyone with similar experiences?

I'm so glad I am at least on a road to sorting this out, 4 long years, countless useless doctors and too many tears have been shed!! But I'm now on the way thanks to all you lovely people that advised me!! So thank you all!

And to anyone that is struggling to be heard, keep on at it. There is hope!! Xx

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That's good that you are on the first step of the ladder. It takes quite a few times and quite a few doctors just to be taken seriously. Hope you get treatment soon. X


whoop whoop! That is fab that someone is listening and backing you up! We know our bodies! It has taken me 19 years to finally get an answer yesterday! After countless times being told it is in my head, or "some women suffer more" or "its only IBS and endo doesn't affect or cause those symptoms"!

I hope you get a date for your Lap soon and get the answers you need to help you lead an as comfortable life as possible x


That is good to hear, it must be a relief for them to finally be taking your pain seriously! Good luck with the laporoscopy and everything else x


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