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Endometriosis - where do I start!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in Jan 14 and had keyhole surgery 6 weeks ago to remove endometriosis. I have stage 4 endometriosis and it appears to be everywhere, because we are trying for children they removed what they could and recommended IVF. So today I had my follow up appointment with the consultant who threw a spanner in the works and says he wants to put me on a temporary menopause for 6 months (injections and daily tablets) to stop endometriosis and then go back and do keyhole surgery again to get some more of the endometriosis, before IVF. He also wants to do an MRI scan to check the bowel as it appears to be all over that too. Has anyone been recommended this and if so how was it? As soon as he said menopause it filled me with dread as I associate that with people who have already had children and I remember my mum going thru it. The consultant said it was going to be near on impossible to fall pregnant naturally so this could be my only way of having children and even then it's a long shot. Any advice will be gratefully received xx

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Hi I had a lap in December where the surgeon got rid of as much endo as he could (Im also stage 4) but he said the conditions weren't right to do a lot of work (he said it was like working with cottage cheese when he wanted it to be like cheddar cheese lol). As a result he stopped the op after a couple of hours and put me on prostap injections for three months (with daily pill as add back) and then operated again in Feb when he said everything had toughened up and he got a lot more work done, including on the bowel. I'd say it makes sense what he has proposed to you as he's trying to get the conditions just right to give you the best possible chance of getting pregnant. The "menopause" really isn't as bad as it's made out, especially if he's also putting you on a daily pill to counter any side effects. I noticed I didn't sleep as well while I was on the injections and I'd get hot during the night but it wasn't awful. I would however ask your consultant if you could be on the injections for just three months instead of six, see what he says.



I've also got grade 4 endo, which was attached everywhere, mainly the bowel and bladder, I've also got kissing ovaries, after my second lap I was put on prostap for 6 months before starting IVF. I was also very worried when I heard the word menopause but all it meant was that I didn't have a period for 6 months and sometimes got hot flushes, other than that the injections didn't really affect me. I was grateful in the end to be on the injections for so long due to the waiting list for IVF - the last thing I wanted after 2 ops and 6 months of injections was to be told the endo had built up again.

Good Luck x


Oh thanks ladies, that's really put my mind at rest. I've done so much researching since I was diagnosed with endo but didn't read anything about temp menopause so was freaking out! I think it just threw me as after the op the consultant recommended IVF so assumed that was going to be the conversation last week. I am a bit worried about the symptoms but my mum and aunt who have been thru the menopause says it's not as bad as u think plus I'm having the HRt tablets (think that's what they're called) to counteract it which should hopefully help. So what's next for u guys? Are u starting IVF now Bobenhams3? Thanks for replying - love this forum, so nice to know I'm not the only one going thru it as can feel quite lonely at times - I have great support but it is nice to talk to ladies who are going thru it also - this disease really is the worst xx


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