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Anybody else experienced these bladder problems?


I'm new here and find this place so reassuring and a great comfort at times endometriosis can be so lonely. Anyway since my symptoms started around 2 years ago I leak small amounts of wee most days, has anybody else ever had this problem? It's really getting to me as so far nobody's had an answer as to whether it could be down to the endo


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I don't as yet leak but what I do have are reoccuring urinary infections (I think I have one at the moment). I need to pass urine very frequently (except when they need a sample) especially in the night. I am up between 4 and 6 times at night at the moment and am very tired and spaced out as a result. Waiting for my pee test results today but as I was having trouble passing urine on demand at that point, I may need to try again.

It probably is down to the endo, the reason I finally had mine diagnosed was the fact that due to a cyst I couldn't pass water, the Dr decided I needed scan and then they saw the cyst. Nearly four years later and its happening again but no cyst. I think I must have some endo on my bladder. Having a lap next week and then hopefully when I've healed I will feel better again. I hope you start feeling better, go back to the Drs and get it checked out.



Do you have endo on your bladder? Also if you've had children could it be a pelvic floor issue? Endo does aggravate my bladder and has definatley made t weaker but I find by doing my pelvic floors a lot seems to help.



I'm currently waiting to have a laproscopy to find out where the endo is, I have been treated for water infections many times even if the results came up negative my doc would just prescribe me antibiotics and obviously they never really worked. They even carried out a cystoscopy on me last year as the symptoms were so bad. Fingers crossed will have this laproscopy soon x


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