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Iv been fine all day. How comes when I get into bed it's BAM pain everywhere below my belly button!?!?!


Hi all.

Iv been feeling fine all day, went to work at 6am with no problems, spent the afternoon chilling with the other half. And as soon as u get into bed to sleep my tummy has puffed out to the size of a football, I have a lot of pain in my groin, pain in a band around my lower tummy and back and a stabbing pain in my belly button. Even my legs are hurting bad again!!! Anyone know why this has happened to me? How can I get comfy? I just need to sleep :-( pain killers like tramadol and morphine give me insomnia :-( x x

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I can relate to this, I often find the pain and discomfort increases or appears once I'm in bed, I wonder if it's to do with where the endo is and there being different pressure when lying down? Does anyone else have any experience of this? It can be a nightmare and take ages to get to sleep trying to get comfortable, I just try and lie really still on by back until I drift off, but much easier said than done! Hope you get some relief soon :)

Jofus89 in reply to merlin19

Thank you.

I'm always worse in the evenings and then it gets even worse still when I lie down :-( tonight I can't get comfy because of the pain in my hip yet it's now 0110 and I have to be up and out the house by 6 for work!! :-( I work in very physically and emotionally challenging place so being tired makes it harder!!! Not only that I'm putting myself and my work mates at serious risk by being sleepy :-( x x x

Hi Jofus 89

I have noticed this the last feew months too. My pain is definately worse in the evening. I sleep pretty well as I take extra pain killers before bed and have made a fairly strict winding down routine for myself to ensure I get sleep, but definately in more pain in the late afternoon and evening. I am a psych nurse so also have a very physically and mentally demanding job. I wonder if the reason for the pain getting worse in the later day is because your body is naturally becoming more tired and therefore less able to cope with the pain. My other theory is that I am so caught up in work I find it easier to pay slightly less attention to the niggles of pain but once I am home and relaxing I am more aware of it. Have you ever tried a TENS machine? Its not a cure all but I find it a huge help. Like having a very deep massage directly into your tummy. U could try using one in your bed. You can place the pads wherever so you can direct it at your worst bits. xx

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