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Thought provera had things under control but back with a vengeance!

Hi! Felt the need for a bit of a rant today. I was finally diagnosed after a laposcrapy a couple of months ago after a long exhausting battle with doctors and consultants, paying for private scans and having to be really pushy to get an op. I have suffered from depression from the age of 13 and ibs since 19 so have been highly medicated and with the provera am now taking 12 meds a day not including co-codomol/painkillers! After the diagnosis I started on three 10mg of provera a day and began a gluten free diet to ease the ibs as the two conditions irritate each other. Up until two days ago I was doing well but then the pelvic pain began again and since yesterday I am back to being swollen to the point of looking about 8 months pregnant, really painful stomach, pelvic pain, back pain, rectal pain, tiredness, lots of creamy discharge which makes me feel dirty even though I am very hygienic and leg pain. I am so upset as I spent months only being able to wear stretchy clothes and being in constant pain and popping painkillers. I was finally starting to feel human again and to have a normal life back with a flats tummy and now I am back to looking and feeling like a total mess :( work was so hard again today and even though it was boiling hot I had a hot water bottle permanently attached to me and was so uncomfortable and grumpy! Has anyone else had temporary relief with these pills only to relapse? Does anyone have any tips to cope with any of my symptoms? I feel overwhelmed and lost right now x x x

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Sorry to hear your in pain and uncomfortable :( how long did you take provera before it made a difference? I have been taking cerazette and provera for a week and other than insane dreams and lack of sleep have felt pretty good ... today however, I have started bleeding and have spent most of the evening rocking back and forth on the floor crying my eyes out in agony with the right side of my pelvis and hip and my lower left back :( feeling so fed up like you too x x


Thanks for replying! It took a couple of weeks to start helping for me and haven't bleed at all since starting them which is great to have a break from. So sorry to hear you are having such a bad day I hope it eases of soon so you can get some rest. Have you got someone with you for support? Sending lots of well wishes and hugs x x x


Sorry to hear your in pain proverb tablets were working for me at first but now they don't seem to be. I have had days where I have been in so much pain, pain I was hoping would ease taking these tablets. I have tried everything to ease the pain hot water bottle helps along with painkillers but I seemed to be popping quiet a few pills a day :-(


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