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Anyone had endo removed a second time?

I had stage three when i was 19 which was removed. then i had clomid to have my son who is 4 in sept, now at 27 it is back and completely taking over my life. i had the merina coil fitted in feb 13 and now my periods are literally constant with a few days break here and there. but it is affecting my bowels and back this time round and i am on morphine for the pain. its mentally and physically draining.

after lots of contact with my surgeons secretary, my surgeon has just emailed to the admissions so i can have my lap before July i really cant go on like i am. Im just wondering if anyone had it removed a second time of their experiences and are the recovery time similar to the first or longer etc.

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Hi sorry you are still suffering, I have had 3 excision ops and still have endo. I don't think I have too much but I definitely do have some. I have learnt over the time what symptoms seem to come from whereabouts it is but it's hard to pinpoint where the pain is coming from. I would put money on me still having it on my rectum and bladder. Personally I don't think it depends on how much you have done as to how well You recover as all mine were painful recoveries. Perhaps that's just me but i was up and about driving after 2 weeks with all of them. X


Unfortunately I've had Endo removed numerous times with laser and diathermy. I was diagnosed in 1991.

The only surgically procedure that I struggled to overcome was an emergency laparotomy. But all the laparoscopies were about the same recovery in relation to discomfort and recovery.

I am waiting to have my 8th surgery due to endometriosis. This time I am having to have an exploratory laparoscopy to see how badly my bowel is involved. I have asked to have a hysterectomy, so that will be more surgery!

I have been lucky and had three children.

Best of luck,

Barbara x


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