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Forever in pain

Im only 19 years old and have just been diagnosed with endometriosis,pcos and ibs. im always in pain and its effecting my life and my love life there is always some kind of pain there and sex is just to painful its effecting me mentally and physically i feel drained and im taking 6 tables 3 times a day to help my symptoms i just dont know how to cope!

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oh my god! someone in the same boat as me!!

I'm 21 at uni with endo, pcos and ibs :( it's so damn hard!

have you had a laparascopy? i had my first one almost 5 months ago now, but if anything life's been so much worse post-op than before. i thought sex was horrendous before the operation, but since the op it's been so much more worse than i could imagine :(

what pills are you taking atm? i'm taking amitriptyline right now, which helps-ish but the side effects are just draining. i barely have the energy to revise for uni exams that start in 3 days :(


IM on amitriptyline, mebeverine, mefenamic acid and co-codamol i feel like all i ever do is take tablets! IM in at the end of the month for my laparoscopy i just hope everything gets better:/ its a horrible boat to be in!


Have you not had the laparascopy yet??


IM getting mine at the end of the month i just hope it goes well ill keep you posted on how i get on after to see if IM in the same boat as you!


I hope you're not in the same boat!

My post:


It hasn't got any better for me. Almost worse :( going back to gynae after my exams are over! Can't wait for exams to be over and then hopefully sort out all this health stuff it's getting so tiring.

Hope your op goes well! xx


Hope they give you some good news soon! And i know it gets so draining after a while, xx


what pain killers are you on? that is a lot of medicating and I would imagine that with so much pain you really should be getting your GP to move you up to stronger pain relief so you are not knocking back quite so many. There is no need to be on so many when you get the right strength ones in the first place.

When you say you have just been diagnosed with endo, does that mean suspected endo or have you actually had surgery already to confirm the diagnosis and have the endo removed?

If you have not yet had surgery then that is you target. Surgery will allow the consultant to locate all the patches of endoo- mapping them out, and reoving the existing endo using a laser or diathermy. this is the 1st step.

For copeing after surgery and helping to reduce the risks of new endo appearing, you need to take steps to reduce or better still, stop your periods as having aperiod is one way that new endo can spread.

The mirena coil fitted at the timeof your surgery can stop your periods for the longest time on the lowest hormone dose.

BC Pills can also if taken back to back reduce the number of periods you have in a year to one every 3-4 months instead of monthly.

You need to ask your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist to get the ball rolling on getting diagnosed properly and having surgeries to remove the existing endo.

One surgery may not be enough but it is a start.

The laser and diathermy method burns back the shallow endo cells completely. but it willnot burn deep enough to kill of what is called deep infiltrating endo and these endo cells can be left behind and remain active after first surgery and require a subsequent op to excise or cut out the deeper endo patches.

19 isn't too young for endo there are lots of us who have endo issues from the very first period we had, and lots and lots of teens on this forum. It really doesn't matter what age you are you still need to get the endo identified and removed surgically to be in with a chance of getting pain relief and helping to prevent future problems.

Pester your GP to see a gynaecologist if you have not yet done so.

If you have already had a lap op on the endo, then it sounds like there was endo left behind and this time you need to ask to be referred to an accredited endo centre for excision surgery on remaining deep endo.

The list of accredited endo centres is on


check for your nearest one and take the details to your GP.


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