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Hi, I just wondered what sort of treatments for endo people used?

I had a lap back in 2011, I was fitted with the more a before the lap and kept it in after. I've had it in for 3 years now, but still experience pains due to endo (hips, back, legs, tummy), recently I was put on a mini pill, but I had to stop that after just a month because it made me really hormonal and I had tummy pains on it. I don't really know what other options there are? I'm only 21 so I don't really want anything that might have a lasting effect on my fertility, and from reading the notes from my lap, I didn't have a lot of endo last time, just some in my ovaries and pouch of Douglas, so I'm a little confused as to why I'm in so much pain? Any advice would be much appreciated. Xx

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Hi MikkeG, after my lap I had a lot of success with the Yasmin pill, I had no pain except when on my period for nearly two years of tricycling. It's not working as well a year later but at least I had a decent amount of time with no break through or pain between bleeds.

I'm now considering my options. I'm very divided about even trying to have a baby because I'm worried about the hereditary element of this disease and also because if I come off the pill I'm going to feel work and probably need another op.

Considering the mirena coil as an option but have heard mixed reports. Hope you get some good advice and that things settle down for you. X


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